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:: Our experts ::

- GENERAL is considered to be the most diversified so far as its experts are concerned. They are very rich  in their expertise and practices.

- GENERAL is very wide in its expansion. It depends in implementing its consultancies and training courses on a number of regional and international experts who are considered to the Gurus in their fields of specialization.

- GENERAL is cooperating at present with more than 130 highly qualified trainers and consultants.

 Trainers Synopsis:

General company retains the services of highly experienced trainers in carrying out its programs. General depends mainly on Arab experts from Egypt, Jordan and Palestine as well as European and American experts to implement the contractual programs. Currently, there are 130 trainers and consultants that are working for General on part time or full time basis.


Hilmi Sari

Dr. Sari is an experienced and well known Arab Professor whose reputation is known within many Arab Universities in the Middle East and the Gulf states. He has more than 25 years of training in Behavioral Skills, Efficient Communication Skills, Political Negotiation Skills, Social Negotiation Skills, Commercial Negotiation Skills, Modern Directions in Public Relations, Planning and Organizing Information Campaigns, Writing Reports, Performance Skills, Problems Analysis, Decision Making, Time and Self Management, Crisis Management, Tension Management, Crisis Resolution in Business Field.


Hanna Qaqish

Dr. Qaqish is a recognized leader in the training and consultancy sector with more than 35 years of experience in providing services to the profit and non-profit organization as well as the governments. His focus over the last 10 years has been in leadership training, successful director training, Office and business management, Strategic Planning, Organizational Planning, Centralization and decentralization of management, Organizational restructuring, Policy development, and establishing procedures manual for new organizations.


Hussein Ata Ghniem

Dr. Ghniem is a highly praised professor in financial management known in Egypt and the Arab world. During his 37 years of experience he published more than 11 specialized books that are widely used by universities. His main consultancy work and training centered around Credit Risk Management, Investment Criteria and Standards, Credit Cost , Share and  Bond Valuation, Financial Portfolios, Arab and Foreign Stock Exchange Markets, Foreign Currency Exchange market, Problem Analysis, Financial Decision Making and Bankruptcy.


Alaa Din Jame

Dr. Jame is an expert professor in administration and marketing sector. He is well known trainer in Sales and Marketing in USA, South Africa and almost all Arabic countries. His focus has been on providing consulting services to for profit organizations, as well as training in market strategy development, marketing management, environmental analysis, market analysis, and risks management. He has more than 20 years of experience in his field of specialty.


Ahmed Ragheb

Dr Ragheb has more than 35 years of experience in Management Training Sector and Human Resource Management. Dr Ragheb is an expert in Commercial Advertising  Sector, Public Relations, Change Management, Communication Management, Exhibitions  and Conferences Management, Crisis Management , Identity and Culture, Creativity and innovation, Clientele and Services Management, Negotiation management, Human Resource Management, Planning, Meetings Management , Office Management, Developing Printing  Publications, Crisis management , Decision Marking,  Strategic Planning, Supervision, Team Work, Training needs.


Ahmad Muhsian Nushi

Dr. Nushi is an expert consultant and trainer in all aspects of Management and Business Administration. He covers many subjects that include Secretarial and Office Management, Market Research, Pricing Polices, Product Analysis, Simplifying Producers and Forms Evaluation, Organizational Structure, Supplies Monitoring systems, Job descriptions and Organizational structuring, Planning, Salaries And Wages System, Performance Evaluation, Information System, Strategic Planning and, Operations Management. Dr. Nushi has more than 35 years of practical experience in many Arab countries.


Munir Habashi

Born in 1959 in Egypt, He is preparing to discuss PhD (public administration), Ain Shams University, 2000, and he holds a Master of psychological and social studies (UNICEF)from Ain Shams University, 1997,  He has MBA from the Faculty of Commerce - Helwan University in 1990,He has  Postgraduate Diploma in marketing from Ain Shams University in 1984, Postgraduate Diploma in Economics and Agricultural Sciences from Faculty of Agriculture from Ain Shams University in 1982, and Bachelor of Agriculture - Ain Shams in 1981-1982 - Section agricultural mechanization.
Mr. Munir Habashi working chief executive of Egypt for training and consulting / Matk , so far, and has served a development management and development company Jibril training, consulting and 2005, a developmental training consultant to the company Eldar Arab Industrial Development and Management 2005, and a consultant (lending) - the Social Fund for Development / Menya 99, and worked board member of Egypts Society for Development, and a consultant to the Centre drwyadl Egyptian industry, and the training of public administration and director of marketing of Arab experts in engineering and management Team International 89-91, and worked training manager Meg Mahmuah advisory for the Middle East 83-89 .
he participated in the preparation and implementation of more than 450 training programme in the various topics such as "effective negotiation skills, the management of crises, and the collection of bank credit, the seller How to become a professional ...... etc." and the implementation of 6 training programmes on human Child and sustainable development, and has organized more than 250 exhibition in different places


Hisham Hamdiya

1957 born in Jerusalem, holds a Master of Science financial and banking / from Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences , in Jordan in 1993, and Bachelor of Business Administration Management from Bethlehem University of Palestine in 1981.
Hisham Hamdiya worked in the Housing Bank for trade and finance in Jordan of the "1981-1991", and then got a masters degree in the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences / Jordan in the "1991-1993" and then worked on the deposits and electronic services in the issuance of the visa cards (VISA CARD) and ATM cards (ATM), working in marketing and management research, public relations director of the Centre for market research and promotion worked in the then Department of branches and sales (Gaza individuals) Director of the Centre for sales of big customers.
he implemented of many training courses for staff of banks in different subjects, and he carried out a number of studies and research and marketing he is teaching in many areas, and participated in numerous courses and conferences in Arab world and international levels.

Fathi Yassen 

Born in Jenin village / Palestine, hold a masters degree in leadership development / Mutah University - 1997, and received a bachelors degree in political science and public administration / University of Jordan - 1981. 

Mr. Fathi Yassen , Trainer and consultant to the TAWEEL company management consulting and training in Saudi Arabia, Trainer in the Saudi Telecom Company and the Chief of Personnel at the Kuwait International Contractors Group, He conducted hundred of training programs in the administration, He was a team member in the study of the social development sector and youth and culture, He was also a member of the Study Group re-structure and organization of the Free Zones Corporation / Oman, and many of the studies and research in Arab World behavior skills. 

Also he participated in numerous conferences and symposia such as the communication and diplomacy, "New Horizons in the Information Age" / Oman - 1997, "The symposium on the development of technical skills for office managers" / Arab Center for Administrative Development / Amman - 1994, symposium on "contemporary developments in methods and techniques of management training "/ Arab Organization for Administrative Development / Muscat - Oman - 1998 ... Etc..
Since late 2007, Mr. Yassen was a free lance, for tens of trainers Providers in Arab work, General in Palestine one of others.


 Dr. Yacoub Hamdan

Dr. Yacoub is an experienced multinational professional leading consultancy and training in the Middle East for more than 30 years. He has held various leadership positions in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates and has delivered training courses throughout the region and the United States. Dr. Yacoub is specialized in Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, Change Management and Business/Public Management