Workshops on the topic of Strategic Planning 2004



The Palestinian Hydrology Group is a non-government non-profit organization striving to promote the role of women and civil societies in managing local water and its related environmental resources to ensure transparency, good water governance and just and equal provision of water and sanitation services to the rural and marginal communities in the West Bank and Gaza. PHG is seeking local and international networking and partnerships to participate actively in promoting the sustainability and just allocation of water resources at local, regional and global levels.
Palestinian Hydro- Logy Group and Women’s Affairs Committee contracted GCT to implement the above training program.
The objective of this program is:
To Provide participants with information about the general concepts and detailed strategic planning as a function of the major functions of the administrative process and how to build a comprehensive strategic plan that will lead to the excellent performance of the company or organization.

In such assignments, GCT provides the proper training environment and conditions based on participative strategies and techniques. The proposed training program is to be delivered in a workshop style by highly professional experts providing maximum interactive environment for training. All the activities, training strategies and experiences will be tuned to maximize target participants’ motivation to learn, and apply the newly learned knowledge, skills and attitudes in their actual work situations. The experiential training techniques will include a combination of individual and group activities, role-plays, case studies, questionnaires, individual and group experiences,feedback and interactive presentations

 In performing the requested assignment, GCT methodology will depend on four phases to cover the whole program:
Phase (1): Preparation, Planning and Design
Phase (2): Material Development
Phase (3): Training Delivery and Program Evaluation
Phase (4): Final Report Preparation and Writing




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