Support in Human Capacity Development for the Palestinian Water Sector – 2016



In Palestine, numerous water and wastewater service providers struggle with high water losses, inefficiency in the operation of existing facilities, partly also critical revenue collection rates and lack of professional staff (in particular for wastewater management). The Palestinian Water Authority still does not have the necessary capacities, instruments and processes for an effective monitoring and steering of sector development. The newly established regulatory institution is not yet operational and doesn’t have effective instruments and processes to support service providers regarding performance improvements.

With the adoption of the new Water Law in 2014, the establishment of the regulator and numerous bylaws (among which is the wastewater premises connection bylaw), the framework conditions for a far-reaching reform of the sector have been improved. However, institutions on the national level as well as WSP do not have the required capacities for efficient planning, management and regulation of water supply services and wastewater management (core problem).

Therefore, the GIZ Water Programme Palestine (WPP) aims to improve the capacities of the Palestinian water sector institutions with regard to planning, steering and regulation of water supply and wastewater management services.

The WPP concentrates on two fields of action: (1) Support national institutions in the implementation of reform processes and (2) Improve the management capacities of the water and wastewater supply providers. Beneficiaries of the project are people including public and private institutions connected to water supply and wastewater network.

Support to Human Capacity Development (HCD) of the Palestinian Water Sector is the largest of four components of the WPP.  The main objective of this project is to contribute to the enhancement of the human capacities in the Palestinian water sector and to the achievement of the National HCD targets.


o_adminSupport in Human Capacity Development for the Palestinian Water Sector – 2016