Project Design and Proposal Writing for Palestinian Poultry Board in the West Bank 2003



The Palestinian Poultry Board was established and officially inaugurated in 2000 as a vital part in the institutional building process of a very important sector in the Palestinian national economy. It was formed by assistance and support from Dutch Government.
The concept of establishing the board as a representative body for poultry sector was derived from the important role which this sector is playing in the national economy and to work in a harmony with policy and strategy of Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in supporting the agricultural associations. It stems also from the deep belief that any development process requires building up a solid and scientific foundation, implementing rules and regulations, training policy and sharing the Know-how technology to assure its success and progress.
Within this context, Netherlands Representative Office was contracted GCT to implement this assignment which aimed mainly to help Palestinian Poultry Board in strengthening, organizing, development and designing projects seeking for good funders from international aids, as well as designing capacity building programs for the targeted farmers.
The specific objectives of this assignment were to :

  1.  Strengthen the position of Palestinian Poultry Board; define the functions- aims and responsibilities of the board
  2. Set up the Board policies and the Poultry Sector organizing mechanisms
  3. Conduct technical and feasibility studies, in addition to ordinary activities and reacting to emergency issues.
  4. Conduct sector election by giving the different poultry sectors the opportunity to choose their representatives
  5.  Develop regularly computer programming system


o_adminProject Design and Proposal Writing for Palestinian Poultry Board in the West Bank 2003