Capacity Building, Technical Support, and Law Review For Property Tax Department in Ministry of Finance (MOF). 2010

The Ministry of Finance (MoF)within the framework of PACE project was working to improve its internal capacity to increase revenue collection through a set of improvement interventions in the policy, as well as in reviewing, upgrading and management of the tax system. The main objective of this assignment was to support and provide short term technical assistance to the Property Tax Department in MOF in building its capacities, identifying the improvement areas and organising a work plan activities toward achieving the overall objective. The range of issues that have been addressed included the overall tax rates and the unclear or incomplete tax codes that often require interpretation. For that purpose , PACE has contracted GCT to undertake this assignment in a professional manner and to provide the required support to PTD to help the aforementioned objectives to come true
• Development of a credible rapport with property tax department representatives and supporting them to identify their institutional objectives, constraints, and opportunities for further improvement through working alongside the embedded advisor.
• Analyzing and assessment of resources, work flow, policies, procedures and institutional environment that impact the department’s ability to effectively manage and collect property taxes.
• Development of draft action plan based on the assessment including recommendations for further improvements to be shared with department leadership to obtain their feedback and final comments.
• Leading the strategic planning exercise with department and MOF representatives to have a mutual agreement on the draft action plan for achieving the stated objectives.
• Conducting a comprehensive assessment and review of the current property tax legislations in Palestine which focused on the systemic aspects of the legislations , the compliance of the existing legislations with international standards – conventions and the development of property tax system in Palestine.
• Identification of the technical and institutional needs of property tax department and evaluation of the areas which need further assistance to expedite project activities.
• Development of SOWT analysis for areas where assistance was needed including training and other technical interventions.
• Support the embedded advisor in development of working/advisory groups.
• Conducting a series of meetings with the working/advisory groups in a manner to increase the technical capacity of the attendees and allow for a better understanding of the specific project activities to the ministry

o_adminCapacity Building, Technical Support, and Law Review For Property Tax Department in Ministry of Finance (MOF). 2010