Capacity Building of Palestinian Engineering Association- 1999


Palestinian Engineering Association is one of the most important unions in Palestine because of its important role in serving the homeland and citizens. It aimed  mainly to  work on organizing the engineering profession, develop and  build the capacity of Palestinian engineers to achieve  an actively participate in economic development , create a conducive environment for creativity and innovation development to serve the community from one hand and to provide technical services in professional manner from the other hand.  In addition to participate in development of engineering, professional and industrial education and training programs, as well as to promote the cooperation and coordination with professional engineering associations at regional and international level.

Within this context, PEA has contracted GCT to provide consultancy services toward building its institutional capacity to ensure the continuation of the internal development process.

The main objective of this assignment was to develop a manual including administrative organization, organizational structure, general specializations and job descriptions for Palestinian Engineering Association / Jerusalem branch. This manual aimed to be a reference to PEA by providing sufficient clarifications about administrative principles, organizational foundations and divisions based on the applicable system in PEA. It consists of two main parts (organizational structures and job descriptions).

:Description of Actual Services Provided by GCT staff

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